Brand redesign for a music club in Toscany, Italy. Included in the project is the design and development of a web app inspired on a vinyl record player.

ClientSergio Salaorni


Neomood is a brand redesign project for Dietro le quinte, a jazz club founded by Sergio Salaorni, an italian music producer. The club aims to present to its members emerging artists and bands, giving the opportunity to young artists to perform live for the club's audience.

Talesign has created a redesign and experience design proposal to help the club promote itself in its digital channels.

The first step of the redesign is focused on the desire to make the brand international, changing the naming from "Dietro le quinte" to Neomood. The chosen naming aims to push towards a contemporary musical mood, given the multiformity of the artists presented.

The N and the M then go to compose the monogram made, reminiscent of the keys of a piano to emphasize and remove doubts about the work of the club.

To diversify the brand from others, a record player has been created to store and listen to the performances of the artists who crossed the stage. This application is based on the reproduction of the interactions that are performed while listening to a vinyl. The user then has the option to choose the vinyl to play, move the tip to move the track forward and turn the vinyl to listen to the next side.

For the club, a photo filter has also been created to coordinate the images in the different digital channels.



Neomood’s identity aims to emphasize the elegance of the musical genres played in the club, with blunt shapes and simple typography.



A simple brand identity to make artists the real show.

A simple brand identity to make artists the real show.

Since live shows are the basis of the club, a photo filter has been created to maintain an artistic vision even at the change of the photographer.



Project credits

DisciplinesBrand identity, Campaigns, Photography, Digital design
CollaboratorsSergio Salaorni