Brand image and user interface redesign is an Italian company that deals with energy efficiency, photovoltaic installation and innovation development.

ClientFrancesco Beni


Shukram is an Italian company that deals with energy efficiency and photovoltaic installation. Founded in 2007 by the mind of Francesco Beni differs thanks to the great work of energy and financial advice that is carried out before the installations.

The energy sector presents problems that are often not considered by buyers as the financial returns of energy efficiency in a given period of time. The company’s modus operandi is therefore focused on making the installation look like a long-term investment.

Talesign has created for Shukram the corporate image and website, as well as helping in the creation of Energy Cloud, a project still under development based on the blockchain to validate and control the clean energy production of a plant.

The field of green energy sees not indifferent issues on the communicative level, given the great conformity of image by the companies in the sector. This was the knot to be untied during the production process of the brand.

The image developed in fact is detached from the classic vision of clean energy and tries to speak with a different tone of voice to the potential customer. By becoming more attractive and incisive the brand can enhance its vision of energy investment and let the user enter a world of awareness, not slogans.

From the copywriting point of view we have really focused on this mission: giving awareness to the individual to bring a change in the collective. "The future of energy begins with you" is the claim chosen to lead to a user conversion.

The website created reflects the coordinated image giving a voice to the brand that the first iteration of the company dispersed in homologation with its competitors.

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The Shukram website interface has been designed to reflect the company’s innovative character.



A simple user interface born from an accurate analysis of the company’s positioning on the territory.

Project credits

DisciplinesDigital design, Brand identity
CollaboratorsFrancesco Beni