Liber Consulting

Design and development of a coordinated image for a professional business network based in Italy specialized in industrial relationships.

ClientFrancesca Liberati
Liber Consulting


Liber Consulting is an Italian startup dedicated to consulting in various departments. Built as a network of different companies, it works to give a complete service to Italian businesses.

Talesign has created the brand image of Liber Consulting, focusing on its multifaceted nature. Being a company open to collaborate with technicians and businesses from various backgrounds, it was necessary to find a common thread that would help the company telling how the parts make the whole.

The branding created reflects this changing nature thanks to simple and synthetic shapes that through a rotation of 90° can represent the different departments of the company.

The logo of Liber Consulting is therefore an imaginary fulcrum, with a center enclosed by the semicircumferences representing the different partner companies.

The departments instead represent distinctive signs for the work they carry out. The environmental department showed a climbing plant that extends upwards, symbol of growth and ecology. The one related to communication represents the communication network and the connections that are formed in the communication process. Finally, the real estate department is represented by four precise and ordered circles like the architecture of the city.

Having the coordinated image of an extremely Swiss nature, being built with a geometric grid, in the realization of the website we opted for a simple style aligned with a grid.

The forms in the web are kept simple and synthetic so as to showcase media and textual content, which are written with the typeface created specifically for the start-up, namely Liber Regular and Liber Bold.

The typefaces are sans-serif having a neo-humanistic typographical style in mind, thus making them extremely readable for both web and print.

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Being a multiform company the coordinated image is composed of simple shapes and easily readjustable for any brand extension.



A brand identity created from scratch starting from the typeface.

A brand identity created from scratch starting from the typeface.

The user interface is based on Swiss design, where shapes and elements are aligned with a rigid grid.



Project credits

DisciplinesDigital design, Brand identity
CollaboratorsFrancesca Liberati