Truth, Belief, Justification

Photographic story based on the narration of the individual in the community in a digital world. A view on how to deal with the contemporary life.

ClientUniversity project
Truth, Belief, Justification


Truth belives and justification is a photographic project realized as an university exam and currently under revision for a future publication.

The photographic story is based on the narration of the individual in the community in a changing world. The idea is to show with each shot the world of today and the world suspended in time.

As of today public and private collide creating a formless mass that makes us more alone, more isolated and more sensitive. The mobile phone is seen as a tool of globalization, as a panoptic device that has become an indispensable part of ourselves, as an extension of our body and an actual social organ of the contemporary human being.

The lack of values and the even more marked imbalance of an ultra-capitalist society makes us miss the truth by hiding it in a sea of beliefs and justifications.

Awareness then becomes the only key to giving us freedom in this connected age, so that we can return to the "Cogito ergo sum", instead of abandoning ourselves to "Consumo ergo sum".

The project was supervised by Alessandro Rizzi, an Italian photographer who has exhibitions at MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


The photographs, taken in the streets of Florence, highlight the everyday solitude of the contemporary human being.



A universal story told through the streets of Florence.

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DisciplinesPhotography, Digital design